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Women’s History Month is Coming Soon!

Once again, Women’s History Month celebrations are coming to Georgia Highlands College. More information will be coming to a campus near you soon!

In the meantime, celebrate Black History Month and Women’s History Month together by visiting PBS.org and learn more about some of the amazing Black Women being featured there: Inspirational Women. Get inspired!


Woman guiding a fighter plane to land

Your Turn

Calling all GHC students! Here’s your chance to showcase your work related to Women’s History month. Have you researched a famous woman for one of your classes? Written a poem you’d like to share?

Post a comment below and share your work with us.

-Michelle Abbott, Associate Professor of English, GHC

Do you know these women?

Most people have heard the term “suffragette,” and Susan B. Anthony’s name is synonymous with women’s rights, but do you know Mrs. Pankhurst? Alice Paul? Over the next months, I plan to introduce you to many of the heroes in the fight for Women’s Rights, and not all of them are women!

If you have suggestions for other Women’s History topics, please share them with me. It’s my hope that this blog will provide our GHC community with an online venue to expand on the exploration of Women’s History happening in our on-campus events.

-Michelle Abbott, Associate Professor of English, GHC

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Image: WSPU leaders, Annie Kenney (left) and Christabel Pankhurst