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Women’s History Month is Coming Soon!

Once again, Women’s History Month celebrations are coming to Georgia Highlands College. More information will be coming to a campus near you soon!

In the meantime, celebrate Black History Month and Women’s History Month together by visiting PBS.org and learn more about some of the amazing Black Women being featured there: Inspirational Women. Get inspired!



The Countess of Computing

Ada Lovelace was the daughter of infamous English poet, Lord Byron. She was known as “The Countess of Computing” and has a modern computer language named after her. Want to know more? Read about her at Smithsonian.com

Carla Patterson, Professor of English, GHC (guest blogger)

Ada Lovelace
Ada Lovelace (oil on canvas by Margaret Carpenter, 1836)
Alice Paul in 1915

Alice Paul and Lucy Burns

“The militant wing of the Suffragists has performed a big service. But for its enterprise and daring suffrage would not have had nearly so wide a publicity during the past few years or made nearly so urgent an appeal.”

-J. D. Barry in the New York Telegram; May 17, 1918 (Adams and Keene xiv)

In 1909, a very nervous Alice Paul (pictured above) attended a protest organized by the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU), an English suffragist group. As she had been warned, the police arrested all the ladies involved. While she and the other activists waited in the recreation room of the local precinct, she noticed one of the other ladies was wearing an American flag label pin. Paul approached the lady and introduced herself to Lucy Burns. The two spent the rest of the day sitting atop a billiards table discussing the cause in both England and the United States. They were as different as two women could be. Burn’s brash mannerisms and red-hair must have seemed at odds with Paul’s slight build and quiet demeanor, but that afternoon was the beginning of a close partnership and friendship (Lunardini 16-7). Continue reading Alice Paul and Lucy Burns

Do you know these women?

Most people have heard the term “suffragette,” and Susan B. Anthony’s name is synonymous with women’s rights, but do you know Mrs. Pankhurst? Alice Paul? Over the next months, I plan to introduce you to many of the heroes in the fight for Women’s Rights, and not all of them are women!

If you have suggestions for other Women’s History topics, please share them with me. It’s my hope that this blog will provide our GHC community with an online venue to expand on the exploration of Women’s History happening in our on-campus events.

-Michelle Abbott, Associate Professor of English, GHC

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Image: WSPU leaders, Annie Kenney (left) and Christabel Pankhurst